Tech-Tonics/Gabriel Lowy

Custom Technology Writing, Research and Strategy

Welcome!  We all want to be understood.  One of the biggest challenges technology companies face is rising above the noise to communicate a clear value proposition that compels action.  Whether you are a first-mover, best-in-class, or an established leader, focused messaging will help you grow your business and market value.

That’s where we come in.  Tech-Tonics provides custom technology writing, research and strategy services.  We bridge your company’s vision, strategy, portfolio and markets with customers and investors to build value for all stakeholders.  What we do best is synthesize complex concepts and technologies into clearly understood value messages.  What differentiates us is the perspective we bring from our background in strategy, technology and finance.

Tech-Tonics STF

From thought leadership pieces, white papers and case studies to our proprietary IR Toolkit, we create unified content and messaging across all of your channels.  Everyone will understand what you do and how you’ll build value – from customers and partners to investors and employees.

Our independence assures you that we are free of any conflicts.  We can be your trusted adviser for capital markets activities – from due diligence and valuation analysis to M&A searches and IPO preparation.

On the following pages you’ll discover how we can contribute to your success.